脇役俳優 Supporting Actor

僕はほとんどドラマを見ないんですが、NHK の「美女と男子」というドラマの中で、仲間由紀恵さん演じるヒロインの自宅(のセット)に天童木工の Souve イージーチェアが使われているという情報をキャッチしました。公式ウェブサイトで公開中のPR動画を見てみたら、確かに。一瞬ですけど。
以前には、ドラマ「月の恋人」で木村拓哉さん扮する社長が経営するインテリアショップに IGSA series のラウンジチェアが陳列されていたこともありました。

I seldom watch dramas on TV, but I heard that Tendo’s “Souve” Easy Chair is being used in a NHK drama called “Beauty and the Fellow” furnishing the heroine’s house. Well, it does appear in the promotion movie in their official website. Very briefly though.
This reminds me of my Lounge Chair from IGSA series being displayed in a furniture shop owned by the hero in the drama “Moon Lovers” some five years ago.
It’s always delightful to feel like my children have become supporting actors. …Will they ever play the leading part?

La Fabbrica (2)

120日の記事で「2月の終わりには完成のご報告を」と申し上げたのですが、4月に入った今も、まだ完成してません La Fabbrica!普通じゃないプロジェクトというのは、なかなか先が読めないものですね。

I wrote on the 10th of January that I should be able to announce its completion, but La Fabbrica is still under construction! Unusual projects are always unpredictable.

クルマと少年(2) Automobile and the Kid (2)


During my childhood, the main subject of my drawings was imaginary classic cars instead of ultra high speed groovy vehicles likely to be driven by super heroes. I remember enjoying drawing while imagining how the styling of my car would differ between the ‘30s’, 50s, and the ‘80s (which was “now” at that time). Although I was a child, I probably perceived diverse world views through the observation of car styling.
Today, when designing a furniture for example, I think carefully about how the world view of the furniture should be. Should it be nostalgic, trendy, or futuristic? Cool, intimate, pop, or luxurious? etc…  I feel that the starting point of my method of developing various styles from a single theme, can be found in the drawing of cars that I was absorbed in during my elementary school days.

2015.4.1 追記


postscript 1 Apr. 2015

By the way, I was pointed out that the car drawn in the middle right looks very much like Suzuki’s TWIN, and wow, it does! However, TWIN came into the market in 2003. That’s 18 years after I drew this picture. Was I able to see the future? I don’t remember…. At least I’m very surprised now.

クルマと少年 Automobile and the Kid


With a couple of temporary returns to Japan, I spent seven to eight years in total of my childhood in the United States of America. To my eyes, the automobiles in Japan seemed to be mostly small, white, clean, and box-like in contrast to the great variety seen the U.S.A.; rusty old classic cars with no doors, super rare super cars, humorously remodeled cars that really make you laugh, etc…. It was natural for me to become interested in the colorful cars from all generations, and they gave me enough inspirations to draw pictures of cars almost everyday. My designs of today are influenced by this experience in no small way. How, then? I’ll write about that in the next issue :)
BTW, that’s me in the photographs.

Logo Renovation

静岡県のカーボンメーカー Tras 社のロゴをリフォームしました。創業30年を機に、次の30年へと貫かれる信念をデザインに盛り込みしました。遠目に見れば、今までのロゴと大きく印象は変わりませんが、近寄れば、以前よりもスピード感が増しているのがお分かりになるかと思います。「T」の横棒から「carbon」にかけての水平方向のムーブマンによって「貫かれる信念」を強調したのです。また「T」の横棒を社長の信念とした時に、それを下から支える賛同人の存在を縦棒とし、これらが「合流」して加速する形にまとめてあります。

Shown here, is the renovation of the corporate identity of Tras Co,.Ltd., a manufacturer of carbon composite products based in Shizuoka.
The new logo should seem “accelerating” compared to the original design, while maintaining its fundamental impression when seen from a distance. I emphasized the continuous horizontal movement from the top line of “T” to “carbon”, so as to express the president’s consistent principle speeding up with the merge of the supporters which is symbolized as the vertical line of “T” flowing into the main stream.

Pure Fahrfreude

子供の頃からクルマのスタイリングが大好きで(そのことについては、また別の機会に書きます)、いつかクルマの世界にもデザイナーとして関わってみたいものだと思っていたのですが、まさかポスターのデザインという形で接点を持つとは。LEXUS IS F CCS-R のポスターです。

Since I was a child, I’ve been longing to be involved in the automobile industry as a designer, but never did I expect to be designing a poster for a racing car. So, there it is; LEXUS IS CCS-R.
As you can see in my website, I do both product and graphic design. In the next issue, I’ll write about my latest approach to an unusual “logo renovation” project.






201524日(水)〜6日(金)10:0018:00 東6ホール

Rush rugs - a type of flexible tatami mat we call “hanagoza” in Japan - that I designed are just about to be released. The design may be categorized as graphic regarding how flat it becomes on the floor, but I decided to introduce the work in the product design page in my website because I considered it more as a piece of furniture composing the living space.

Soejima Isao Shoten Co.,Ltd. is doing a splendid job again in creating the vivid-but-deep colors for all six variations, and I was informed that one of the designs will be applied to a lounge chair from IGSA series on the occasion of the exhibition. Mmmm… can’t wait to see it!

Soejima is also going to display their new “Space Invader” hanagoza (note: not my design).  Their activities are truly unique.


Wed. 4 Feb. - Fri. 6 Feb., 2015 10:00 - 18:00  East Hall 6

GIZA red & GIZA blue

ISHI black & ISHI gray

WAKKA black & WAKKA brown

La Fabbrica

さて、最近僕が何をしているかって?イタリア語で「工場」を意味する “La Fabbrica” という名称がヒントです。

いま、VOLO の渡辺仙一郎さん協力のもと、静岡県東部のとある場所で工場として使われていた建物をゲストハウスにリノベートするプロジェクトを進行中です。海が近く、屋上から富士山も望める個性的な別宅になる予定。今まさに完成に向け工事が本格化していて、2月の終わりには詳細の公表を含め完成のご報告ができるかと思います。

So, what am I doing lately? Guess by the name “La Fabbrica” meaning “The Factory” in Italian. 

One of the things that I am currently involved in is a project for converting a disused factory into a guest house in Eastern Shizuoka, in company with Senichiro Watanabe of VOLO. The building will become an unique second home, close to the sea with a great view of Mt. Fuji from the rooftop. The construction is getting up speed now, and we will hopefully be able to announce its completion along with the details by the end of February.



I’ve decided to update this blog with issues written in both Japanese and English, every 10th, 20th, and 30th of each month. Hoping you enjoy the blog along with the revised website, best wishes for the new year.








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